Risley Hydraulic Services Ltd. offers one stop service for mechanical, hydraulic, electronic, or light duty welding and machining work in our fully equipped facility.

We can deisgn and custom build any application you require or test the equipment you already have.

In 1978 Risley Hydraulic Services Ltd. was a four-man repair shop serving Hydrualic equipment users in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Today, Risley Hydraulic Services Ltd. employs over 24 skilled workers at a 24,000 square foot facility. The Risley Hydraulic Services Team has only one standard of performance within the company - excellence. To achieve excellence consitently, the company has invested in the most advanced tools and processes available. Driving Risley Hydraulic Services' success is the skill, energy and enthusiasm of our people. Their pride in what they do shows in the conscientious quality of their workmanship and their continuing search for new and better ways of getting results - the results you need to succeed. Your success is our success!